A dinner at China Grill

A dinner at China Grill is ought to be one to remember, with its fancy décor and professional services this fine dine gives a holistic experience of what fine dining feels like. A well themed and comfortable fine dine China Grill promises you a relaxing and lovely meal for you and your family. The food is served and plated in an exquisite fashion making it so presentable and the combination of plating and taste makes one want to keep gorging on it. The restaurant is centrally ac and has a fine combination and furniture, décor and crockery. It has a contemporary theme with soft light making the ambiance of the place full of good vibes thus keeping the spirits high. The waiters are on their toes at your service serving and guiding you through the entire course of the meal whilst the bar is open with the bartender serving all kinds of cocktails living up to the good vibe.
A dinner or lunch at China Grill will prove to be a lovely outing with the warmth and love the place has to offer along with its quality and service. The chef to the manager each one of them have a professional outlook ensuring that you have a pleasant experience..
So do drop in at China Grill to devour the mouth-watering Chinese and Indian food we have to offer. We would be pleased to serve you at our newly opened branch at Viman Nagar.


Welcome to China Grill - A Revolutionary Culinary Concept Combining The Finest Cantonese , Seafood & North Indian Cuisine With Grandeur,Elegance & A Dynamic Dining Experience.