Tickling both the Indian and Chinese taste bud

China Grill has a variety of dishes to offer ranging from dumplings to tikkas, noodles to biryanis and soups to butter chicken. Although China Grill mainly specializes in Chinese food our Indian food is equally delicious and makes your mouth water. The restaurant has a massive variety of food where one can choose from. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food which included poultry, lamb, pork, duck, and sea food ranging from prawns to lobsters.
All of this is cooked in different sauces both Indian as well as Chinese style of cooking with different courses like appetizers, main course, gravies, soups and rice and noodles.
Choosing a favorite dish from all the mouth-watering dishes in a hard choice to make however being an hard core non vegetarian myself I would say the Prawns in basil chilli and the Pattaya Chicken are my personal favorites in Chinese and when I am in a mood for Indian nothing beats their Kadhai Chicken and Naan.
The two cuisine restaurant will not fail to please you with their quality of food along with the freshness and taste. So tickle your taste buds in the flavors of Chinese and Aroma of Indian because I can bet once you visit China Grill there is no looking back.


Welcome to China Grill - A Revolutionary Culinary Concept Combining The Finest Cantonese , Seafood & North Indian Cuisine With Grandeur,Elegance & A Dynamic Dining Experience.