About Chinese Room

The four times in a row award winner of the World Famous Restaurants International USA Award Chinese Room, is one of the oldest Chinese Restaurants in Pune. It was started in 1976 and has completed 40 years. The restaurant has always been well ahead of its time and has maintained its iconic status through continuous innovation in the menus and service. The exquisite food is a blend of imported aromatic spices, mesmerizing fragrances, elusive oils, blissful sauces and delicious recipes. The authenticity of chinese food along with tastes to match the Indian taste bud is represented at Chinese Room.

The food here is prepared with not just the best quality aromatic herbs but also with herbs and food stuffs with qualities of medicinal treatments. The food here is prepared with the best quality ingredients from both India and China.
Chinese Room pays emphasis on the presentation, smell and taste of the food the same amount of attention is paid to the nutrition value of what is consumed. In fact nutrition takes precedence over the rest of the elements found in our Chinese food.The restaurant is well known for its Chinese cuisine like Sharklin and Chimney soup, Taipan crab, Lobster fish, Prawn in different varieties of sauces like hunan. peking, schzewan and contonese etc.